30 June 2013

National Observers Groups have met in Aartselaar, London, Paris and The Hague

National observers are local stakeholders that are in interested in the results of the project and in getting involved in RainGain’s implementation and dissemination. RainGain NOG meetings were attended by representatives from water boards, local authorities, institutes of meteorology, consultancy companies and universities.
At the Province of Zuid-Holland, on 12th March, and at École des Ponts ParisTech, on 22nd April, a discussion has been initiated about management and use of radar data.
The UK NOG meeting, held on 16th April at the City Hall of London, has been an opportunity to present the different surface water flooding challenges that local authorities face in the North-Western European Region and how they are innovating to overcome them through; thereafter, small groups discussed on particular issues such as financial and organisational limitations of local authorities, choice between low or high-tech solutions, involvement of the local communities and after-disaster measures.
During the last NOG meeting, held at Aquafin (Aartselaar) on 16th May, the debate regarded the lack of knowledge on pluvial floods and the need to better understand the risk and to inform local authorities. Furthermore, it was mentioned that a sub-regional system should be created to allow small urban areas in Belgium to afford advanced systems for flood prevention and protection.
Attendees at the 2nd UK NOG meeting.
Maik Schuermann (SELEX) presents the radar that will be installed beside the campus of École des Ponts ParisTech.
Johan Van Assel (Aquafin) introduces the agenda of the 2nd Belgian NOG meeting.