Results of implementation in water management

During the RainGain International Workshop on March 24th 2015 in Rotterdam the added value of X-band radars compared with C-band radars was discussed in an interactive scenario workshop. During the workshop, experts from Jakarta, Rotterdam and Amsterdam presented their ideas and solutions they applied in their own city. The characteristics of critical rainfall events in the two different countries differ a lot from each other, which results in different preparation times and solutions. The preparation time refers to the time that is needed to prepare the city for the expected rainfall event. With the use of rainfall radars in the specific areas, the forecasting time of 1-2 hours is not enough for all the cities to prepare for the forecasted rainfall event. They all need at least 6 hours.

During the workshop, practitioners participated in break-out sessions. In these sessions, cloudburst scenarios  were presented and the groups were asked to develop and propose solutions based on traditional data sources versus having access to detailed information from an advanced X-band radar. The different groups presented their results of the break-out sessions and this led to an interesting discussion about the possible solutions in a scenario when a cloudburst effectively  hits the city centre of Rotterdam. More information about this workshop can be found here.

Alex Nickson and John Jacobs presenting possible solutions of a flood scenario in Rotterdam