26 Junio 2014

Flood solutions from North to South of Europe

Mediterranean cities can also be affected by pluvial floods.
It is the case of Coimbra (Portugal) and Rafina (Greece) where pluvial flood risk is expected to increase in the future as a consequence climate change and demographic growth. The two cities present some similarities with the Greater London Area in terms of flooding mechanisms and potential impacts. These shared features are very interesting for researchers from Imperial College London, who are working on new solutions for improved flood management in these three urban areas. Two members of the RainGain team, PhD students Susana Ochoa Rodriguez and Rui Pina, are establishing enriching exchanges with their colleagues from the Greece and Portugal.
Pluvial (surface water) flooding in Coimbra, May 2006.
Further information on this research project is available on the Grantham Institute for Climate Change website in an article by Susana Ochoa Rodriguez, Dr Karl Smith, Maria Aivazoglou, Rui Pina, and Dr Ana Mijic, from Imperial College London.
Pluvial (surface water) flooding at the 8th of May Square in Coimbra, May 2006.
A flooded street due to river flooding in Rafina, Greece on 22nd February 2013.
A semi-submerged car in Rafina, Greece on 22nd February 2013.
Photos: © 2014 Imperial College London