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05.10.2015 at 13h
on "La curiosité est un vilain défaut", RTL Radio 
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on France 3 JT Paris Île-de-France
05.06.2015 at 19h (5' 53")
09.06.2015 at 12h (11' 33")
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on TvVal - The Web TV of Val-de-Marne, 24.10.2013 
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on RTL Tv, 14.10.2013
on France Bleu, 22.05.2013
on Braindrops (web Tv of NewMedia Centre - TU Delft Library), 21.12.2012
Scientists work on flood forecaster for cities (Dutch)
on ROB TV (Belgium), 09.08.2011
Interview to Marie-Claire ten Veldhuis, the project coordinator, by Euranet (a European radio network that broadcasts items on EU issues and projects).