RainGain education and training network

Educational activities are among the channels that should be used to increase the impact of a research project along with high level scientific outputs and communication and outreach activities. Such educational activities should be designed  with a goal fitted to the target audience : (i) for children : assisting them (and their parents and teachers) to grasp some of the complex underlying issues of the field of environmental science, as well as simply enhancing scientific culture and promoting careers in this field to ensure future innovations. (ii) for students (graduate, MSc): transmitting state of art knowledge they will use in their career (iii) for practitioners and scientists (executive training) :  ensuring that most modern approaches and paradigm shifts are shortly implemented for the benefits of citizens.
In this framework, RainGain partners developed and implemented a series of educational activities. More precisely ENPC developed the initial steps of an  International Network Education & Training program RAINGAIN@INET¬RadX that will notably help define the target and content of an International Master on RAINGAIN@INET¬RadX :
At ENPC these activities will be followed up through the Fresnel observatory that is currently being set up. In will be done in the framework of the continuing regional program RadX@IdF and the Chair”Hydrology for Resilient Cities” (endowed by Veolia).