From 31 March 2014 To 31 March 2014

RainGain international workshop on “fine-scale rainfall nowcasting”

Location: Ramada Hotel / Conference room Tiffany's

Desguinlei 94, 2018 Antwerp (Belgium)


The workshop is aimed at radar/meteo experts and the scientific RainGain partners, and will cover the following topics related to fine-scale and short-term rainfall forecasting, applicable to urban flood forecasting:

  • Combination of (X- and C-band) radar data with Numerical Weather Prediction (provided by the national meteo offices MetOffice, RMI, Meteo France, KNMI, …)
  • Advective-statistical forecast modelling
  • Spatial and temporal downscaling
  • Error/uncertainty estimation in function of forecast lead time / probabilistic forecasts


  • 8h30  Arrival & Welcome Coffee
  • 9h00  Welcome and overview of the agenda
  • 9h00  Radar-based rainfall forecasting by national meteo services (integration with numerical weather prediction)
·       Maarten Reyniers, RMI Belgium
·       Jean-Luc Cheze, MeteoFrance
·       Jarmo Koistinen, FMI Finland
  • 10h30  Coffee Break
  • 11h00  Methods for fine-scale rainfall nowcasting (for urban drainage applications)
·       UKMO's STEPS system for radar-based rainfall nowcasting and experiences incl. hydrological impact analysis: Clive Pierce, UK Met Office
·       Recent experiences with STEPS for Belgium (PLURISK project): Loris Foresti, RMI Belgium
·       Radar-based cell tracking and rainfall nowcasting: Lipen Wang, KU Leuven
·       Danish experiences with short term nowcasting in urban drainage applications: Søren Thorndahl, Aalborg University
  • 13h00  Lunch
  • 14h00  Methods for fine-scale rainfall nowcasting (cont…) + quantification of uncertainties in rainfall nowcasting (statistical methods and stochastic modeling)
·       Probabilistic radar nowcasting for urban runoff nowcasting: Miguel Rico-Ramirez, University of Bristol
·       Probabilistic uncertainty estimation in urban runoff nowcasting: David Getreuer Jensen, Aalborg University
·       Multifractal predictability and prediction: Daniel Schertzer, ParisTech
·       Uncertainty analysis in urban drainage: Patrick Willems, KU Leuven
  • 15h15  Coffee Break
  • 15h45  Discussion on recommended methods for fine-scale rainfall nowcasting by RainGain WP2 + planning
  • 16h40  Bus leaves hotel for Dinner Cruise
  • 17h30-20h30   Flandria - Guided Tour Port of Antwerp




For the RainGain partners:

On the next day (1st April 2014) the 5th RainGain project meeting will be held at the offices of Aquafin in Aartselaar. Transport will be organised from the Ramada hotel in Antwerp to Aartselaar. CLICK HERE for further information on the project meeting.