Results of rainfall data acquisition and prediction

During the International RainGain workshop on “Fine-scale rainfall nowcasting” at Antwerp on 31 March 2014, methods and experiences with rainfall nowcasting were presented and discussed. The term “nowcasting” refers to forecasting over short time periods (around 1-2 hours). Current national rainfall forecasting systems do not consider the forecasting of extreme thunderstorms (extreme convective rain storms). They are very difficult to forecast in an accurate way because of their very local nature. For that reason, it is important (much more important than for river flood forecasting) to quantify and consider forecast uncertainties. Given the limited lifetime of extreme convective rain cells, the lead time for such forecasting is limited as well. The RainGain project made use of the Short Term Ensemble Prediction System (STEPS) to meet these needs. The system was further advanced for the purpose of urban flood nowcasting by the Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium (STEPS-BE system, developed in cooperation with the Belgian PLURISK project) and by the UK MetOffice (precipitation nowcasting research). Additional information: See publication below. For a full list of publications, please visit our publications webpage.