Urban pluvial flooding simulation tools

Depending on the modelling software most commonly used at each partner country, on the data that were available and on the purpose of the modelling exercise (e.g. whether it is for urban planning or real time applications, such as flood forecasting and warning), different simulation tools and modelling approaches were adopted for each pilot location. Some of the adopted software tools were commercial ones, developed by companies external to the project and widely used by urban hydrologists around the world, whereas others were research tools developed by project partners. The use of different simulation tools enabled comparison and allowed drawing conclusions regarding the suitability, advantages and disadvantages.

The software simulation tools used within the project include the following:

  • InfoWorks CS and InfoWorks ICM: commercial tool developed by Innovyze. Used in the UK and Belgian pilot sites.
  • Sobek: commercial tool developed by Deltares. Used in the Dutch pilot sites.
  • Canoe: commercial tool developed by Artelia in collaboration with a group of French institutions. Used in the French pilot sites. 
  • MultiHydro: research tool developed by ENPC partners. Used in the French and Dutch pilot sites.

A brief description of each of these tools and of the modelling approaches implemented as part of the project can be found in this document