RainGain at SPN7

Susana Ochoa-Rodríguez, PhD student at ICL, and Guenda Bruni, PhD student at TUDelft, have present their research work and their contribution to the RainGain project at the 7th International Conference on Sewer Processes and Networks, in Sheffield (UK).  Three papers have been presented on this occasion: 

  • "Impact of rainfall and model resolution on sewer hydrodynamics" by Bruni, G., ten Veldhuis, J.A.E., Clemens, F.H.L.R.
  • "Improving rainfall nowcasting and urban runoff forecasting through dynamic radar rain-gauge rainfall adjustment" by Ochoa-Rodríguez, S., Rico-Ramirez, M., Jewell, S. A., Schellart, A. N. A.,  and Wang, L, Onof, C., and Maksimović, Č.
  • "On the possibility of calibrating urban storm-water drainage models using gauge-based adjusted radar rainfall estimates"by Ochoa-Rodríguez, S., Wang, L., Simões, N., Onof, C., and Maksimović, Č. 

For further details, visit the website of the conference