RainGain workshop on scientific and technical issues

22nd October 2013 at École des Ponts ParisTech


Welcome and Coffee, presentation of workshop program


Implementation and validation of radars in urban environments
-Implementation cases: next steps
Johan Van Assel: Leuven

Susana Ochoa:  London

Daniel Schertzer: Paris
Herman Russchenberg: Rotterdam
-Data validation

Auguste Gires: Implementation and initial comparison of three  disdromètres
Laurens Cas Decloedt: wind influence, clutter removal for Leuven case Jacqueline Sugier: clutter removal at MetOffice and attenuation

Tim Darlington:  Wind drift
Daniel Schertzer: rainfall heterogeneities, speckle effect and big data?
Coffee Break


Radar-rain gauge merging and downscaling, global VS event-based rainfall data retrieval, rainfall nowcasting

- Patrick Willems: Introduction

- Auguste Gires: Downscaling as a first steps towards revisiting merging between rainfall data at various scales
- Laurens Cas Decloedt & Patrick Willems: Outline proposal for a document on rainfall measurement in urban areas

- George Fitton et al.: Gone with the Wind 2

- Daniel Schertzer: Gone with the Wind 3
- Abdellah Ichiba: Intercomparison of two radar products



Visit of historical archives of École des Ponts with original works of Navier and Saint-Venant


Recent development in modelling

- Auguste Gires: Implementation and validation of the Multi-hydro model on the Loup Catchment

- Guenda Bruni: Sobek modelling results for the Rotterdam Centrum pilot, for one of the Cabauw events
- Julien Richard: Mulit-Hydro studies in Manchester and Rotterdam

- Marie-Claire ten Veldhuis: Joint paper for WRaH
Benchmark data?

- Susana Ochoa: Standard formats for data exchange amongst partners
-Tim Darlington: Data format

- Susana Ochoa and Marie-Claire ten Veldhuis: documenting algorithms to be shared

- Guenda Bruni: Two rainfall events retrieved from the Cabauw research radar
Coffee break


- Ioulia Tchiguirinskaia: A business model for RainGain

- Province of Zuid Holland: Involvement of and take-up project results by local authorities and stakeholders

- Julien Richard: The importance of visualisation tools for stakeholders involvement

- Rosa Vicari Platform for education and communication towards external parties


Regina Edoo and Alwin Wink: Steering Committee – Agreement on progress and financial report; main conclusions of workshops