11th September 2015 – 4th UK NOG meeting

The fourth and final UK National Observers’ Group (NOG) Meeting took place on 11th September 2015 at Imperial College London. A total of 78 people attended, including specialists, practitioners, academics and local and central government policy-makers.
During this meeting RainGain scientific coordinator, Dr Marie-Claire ten Veldhuis, and UK RainGain partners ICL, Met Office and LGFF presented the main findings of the project, including:
  • Results of the testing of radar technologies to obtain higher resolution rainfall estimates for cities, including costs and feasibility of using such technologies;
  • New techniques for further improving the accuracy and applicability of radar rainfall estimates, through combination with rain gauge data and through temporal interpolation of radar images;
  • Results of the testing of high resolution models for simulation and forecasting of urban pluvial flooding;
  • Results of our research on governance and use of technology to improve place-based flood resilience.
In addition, the implications of the project’s results and remaining challenges were discussed by project partners and relevant stakeholders during dedicated discussion panels. The projects’ results were considered very useful by stakeholders and by the audience in general. One of the key remaining challenges is the stronger engagement of communities in local flood risk management, which is key to improving their resilience. 
The programme, minutes and presentations from this meeting can be downloaded from the panel on the right hand side.