2nd RainGain Project Meeting

Rotterdam, 25th-26th October 2012


RAINGAIN Partner Workshop, Rotterdam
Thursday, 25 October 2012    
9:30  Welcome and introduction of today’s program by Marie-Claire ten Veldhuis
9:45  Keynotes :
  • Peter Hollanders, Waterboard Delfland: use of high resolution radar-rainfall data, a watermanager's view
  • Olivier Hoes, TU Delft: 3Di, high resolution, high speed modelling of urban flooding
Questions and discussion
11:30  Presentations by RainGain PhD students on their first results
          Questions and discussion
14:00  WP3: Presentation of FEWS platform application for first UK pilot site
                   Discussion of platform applications for other pilot sites
16:00  Presentations by RainGain PhD students (continued)
          Questions and discussion
17:00  Closure
Friday, 25 October 2012    
9:30  WP4 - Implementation of fine-scale rainfall data, flood modelling and prediction into urban water management practice
         Presentation of Factsheets for RainGain pilots sites, discussion on solutions for flood control and potential application of`
         high resolution data 
11:15 Progress report/Payment claim period January-June 2012
11:45 Communication plan and activities
12:15 Steering committee decisions
13:30 Excursion to flood protection solutions in Rotterdam: green roof, water square, underground storage
16:00  Closure